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Frans van Loef

Strategy Execution & Executive (Team) Coaching

When you start on something new, do you free up capacity within your team or do you add it to your workload?


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About Me

Frans van Loef is a highly regarded international expert in unlocking and realigning organizational capacity for maximum impact. His hands-on approach, "FreeCapacity," is in high demand among organizations facing workload challenges. With over 20 years of experience as a strategic senior executive and entrepreneur, Frans helps international organizations in a range of industries, including Biotech, Energy, Financial services, IT, Media, Mobility, Pharma, and Retail, achieve their full potential and make meaningful progress.



Top Global Consultant

What I Do

Three key expertise areas:

Strategy Execution Support & Coaching

With his high-impact approach and proven track record, Frans can help unlock resources, simplify processes, and make faster decisions, leading to more actionable strategies and increased progress in meaningful work

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Burn-out Prevention

As a sounding board for execution challenges and stakeholder management, Frans can provide executives with the support they need to overcome any obstacles they may face.

Frans van Loef helps prevent burnout in individuals and organizations by taking a holistic approach to the root cause of burnout: workload. Frans helps organizations avoid the blind spot of putting too much pressure on employees by offloading projects and simplifying processes.


Wenny Raaijmakers | AVP Site Leader Organon & Co

Frans has been very helpful in improving our team effectiveness in recent years. Thanks to Frans' clear feedback, a team that did not function well (loose sand) was able to make the change to real cooperation: helping each other, calling each other to account and having fun together. Recently he guided my team to make the next step. From good to better, with fewer meetings to more real interaction. All in a no-nonsense way that really appeals to us and gives a lot of energy. We also immediately put our resolutions into practice. With results.



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